Microsoft 365 Business Voice: Your all-in-one communication solution

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Microsoft 365 Business Voice

It’s now easy to have a powerful business communication solution with more features and lower costs than traditional telephones. Business Voice lets small and medium-sized organizations replace their traditional landlines with cloud-based telephones. This economical and flexible system addresses many of the problems with legacy phones, including high and variable costs, limited functionality, and poor sound quality. 

Business Voice is a cloud solution integrated with Microsoft Teams, meaning any computer, tablet, or smartphone can be your business phone, using your business number, regardless of location. You can call, hold conferences, use voicemail, set up toll-free numbers, and leverage many other communication tools. Business Voice is an inexpensive flat-rate add-on to any Microsoft 365 plan, offering free local calling and collaboration features far beyond the capabilities of traditional phones.

Terminal B’s Microsoft 365 Business Voice service details:

Terminal B is proud to serve clientele across the US and around the world as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, the highest accreditation for independent enterprise-level support providers.

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