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Building Relationships & Transforming Technology

Terminal B is a national IT services firm based out of Texas. We offer you a single-vendor solution for extracting better performance from your technology. If you’re operating in the construction, science, engineering, or legal sectors, we bring over 15 years’ experience delivering IT solutions that have the power to streamline your operations, facilitate your regulatory compliance, and ultimately boost your bottom line.

With Terminal B, you can expect a smoothly operating and secure IT ecosystem configured and monitored by specialists who understand the demands of your industry. We will create a comprehensive, tailored support package that replaces multiple in-house IT roles and contains no variable costs – reducing your total expenditures and simplifying your budgeting process.

Our Vision for Your IT

Industry-appropriate cybersecurity, compliance and process management

Our experience has shown that a technology landscape where all the components are communicating with each other and with external, industry-specific systems provides our clients the highest performance, stability, and returns on investment.

Terminal B service plans ensure that each component of your infrastructure, whether legacy or new, provides high, long-term productivity within a cohesive ecosystem you can rely on. Terminal B’s management approach towards your ecosystem will be to focus on process efficiency, cloud solutions, digital asset defense, and regulatory compliance.

Your Satisfaction is the Measure of Our Success

The Terminal B members you interact with will be technical experts with deep knowledge of your industry, not sales representatives. Evaluations at our firm are based on client and end-user satisfaction, not quotas. The average tenure within our support teams is 5.1 years and totals more than 120 years of IT experience supporting all kinds of demanding clients, from 100-seat law firms to billion-dollar banks.

D.E.S.I.R.E.D. Outcomes Are All About You

 And so are we.

It’s more than an acronym. It’s our approach to your success. We ask every client to draft a 2–3-line statement of how they envision our mutual relationship. Terminal B will leverage this foundational statement across our organization so everyone is on the same page and delivers in your best interest. We use your written outcome as a starting point for every quarterly meeting and every tactical decision.

D.E.S.I.R.E.D. Acronym Flowchart


We ensure we’re both literally and figuratively on the same page as our clients. We align our customers’ visions with our technical experience to drive results.


We carefully craft plans and diligently implement changes both on time and on budget and with the least possible disruption to our clients.


Ongoing support of implemented solutions is the essence of our business. We strive to get users back to work with the fastest response in the fewest number of interactions


What story is the data telling us? Sharing and reviewing data on users patterns, systems’ health and client feedback allows us to identify risks and opportunities to ensure things are going as expected.


Quality control is not common with MSPs but we consider it essential. Here we analyze both what the data is telling us and our own quality assurance process to make micro-adjustments to optimize systems and service delivery.


In this phase, we review what is in place and discuss larger internal and external challenges and/or opportunities.

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