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Cloud Computing with Microsoft Azure

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform that has over 200 services and products ranging from analytics, storage, networking and more. Over 80% of fortune 500 companies choose Microsoft Azure cloud services for its industry specific security, competitive pricing, and ease of integration. With data centers located around the world, Azure covers more regions globally than any other competitor.

With the advent of cloud computing, technological needs of your business are no longer bottlenecked by high costs and developer delays. Azure allows businesses to build, deploy, and manage applications without building or maintaining costly infrastructure. All integrated cloud resources are easily customizable for your company’s specific needs and meet all security and compliance requirements. You only pay for the services you need.

At Terminal B, our team of experts have been working with Microsoft Azure since the beginning. We help you determine whether Azure is the right solution for your business needs and assist in navigating the various services and subscriptions available to tackle your technological challenges. We understand how to leverage Microsoft Azure’s cloud technology to meet your short and long-term goals.

Stable and fast hosted productivity cloud solutions that keep up with the pace of your operations

  • The most regions covered globally with its extensive network of data-centers
  • Personalized cloud computing services customized to your exact business needs
  • Designed for every business regardless of size and scalability requirements
  • Industry-specific applications that meet compliance in various industries
  • Terminal B’s expertise and direct partnership with Azure since its release
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