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Kyle, Texas IT Services | Implementation, Security, and Support

Providing full-scale IT services to businesses throughout Kyle, TX.

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If you are looking for an IT audit of your current systems, to implement new systems, or are in need of a cybersecurity update, Terminal B is here to help. Contact us today to set up a consultation with our team.

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The Terminal B team has experience in various IT practices and can help your company based on its goals. Our flat-fee pricing makes things simple for your business, so you can focus on your customers and not have any budgeting surprises.

Azure Cloud Solutions

Embracing the cloud is crucial in today’s business world, especially for those seeking to optimize their resources and achieve operational agility. We are experts in delivering custom Azure Cloud solutions that align with the distinct needs of every client. Be it transitioning your existing infrastructure to the cloud, constructing cloud-focused applications, or fine-tuning your cloud setup for optimal performance, our certified Azure specialists ensure flawless integration. We are Microsoft Azure experts and can help you join the 80% of businesses already using its cloud services.

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Azure Virtual Desktop

Virtual desktop infrastructure, or VDI, is an essential component of today’s business. With employees stretched across the globe, it is vital that you have them running on a centralized cloud environment. This ensures unmitigated access and security with your applications and data from any device at any time. We can implement the right VDI system based on your corporate structure to facilitate both on-premises and remote work. With a high-functioning VDI, productivity stays the same no matter where your team is located.


Businesses in high-risk fields such as construction, healthcare, or legal services are constantly challenged to maintain regulatory compliance and fend off cyber threats. These obligations can impact operational efficiency and limit productivity. Failure to adhere to these requirements can lead to severe financial and reputational implications. The increasing use of cloud technology and the massive amount of unstructured data generated add to the complexity, making these businesses attractive targets for cybercriminals.

Here at Terminal B, we prioritize cybersecurity as our prime cornerstone in every service we provide. We bring more than a decade and a half of experience in ensuring compliance with stringent standards like HIPAA, NIST, and others. We will equip your business with the most advanced firewall and anti-malware solutions while also educating your workforce on security best practices. This includes phishing prevention, malware detection, and more.

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IT Consulting

There are many IT systems, services, appliances, and guidelines to consider for your business. Choosing the right systems is critical to ensuring successful, optimal performance and security. That’s why seeking advice from IT professionals in Kyle, TX, is the best practice and ensures you are choosing the most suitable systems. Terminal B has helped companies with IT modernization since 2004, bringing the latest and best technology to the table. We provide comprehensive optimization of your current infrastructure if you’re not planning a tech overhaul. If our consultation finds that implementing new systems is the most logical step, we’ll walk you through the process by choosing the right Microsoft options and tailoring them to your business needs.

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IT Co-Managed Solutions

Sometimes, IT requires a helping hand, even if you have an onsite IT team. Terminal B can work with your IT team to provide supplemental support. We leverage our resources and expertise to improve overall efficiency and performance across your entire network. This includes monitoring your system, attending to potential threats, and more. Our co-managed solutions are on a flat-fee basis. This simplifies the process and helps you maximize your budget. We’ll provide 24/7 support with both expert guidance and fast turnaround times.

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IT Managed Solutions

Let’s say you don’t have an in-house IT team. No problem! We can control the helm with customized 24/7 IT support. Investing in IT technologies can be a hassle, which is why an outsourced IT team may be the better option. Your business revolves around tight schedules, impending deadlines, and unique challenges. We will maintain consistent network uptime so that your business runs smoothly, no matter the time of day or workload. Since 2004, we have helped numerous businesses refine their infrastructure and support a healthy, cohesive IT ecosystem. Trust Terminal B to boost productivity across the board with tailored IT solutions for all verticals of your company.

IT Support

Help desk access, fast IT ticket response times, and more. That’s what you’ll get with our robust IT support packages. We have a flat-fee, per-user model that makes things easy when outlining your service. Our 24/7 support team can handle the full spectrum of IT issues, from simple to complex. Whether it is help with setting up a new user, monitoring phishing attempts, or addressing a network outage affecting your customers, we are all-hands-on-deck and work quickly to resolve the issue. 70% of all IT tickets are answered within 60 seconds, ensuring speed-to-solution. We also have multichannel communication functionality, so everyone on your team has a way to contact us.

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Microsoft 365

Don’t get bogged down with the details of the many Microsoft 365 solutions that are vital to your team’s success. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook are just a few examples of systems used by businesses in Katy, Texas, and throughout the world. We are a Gold level Microsoft Partner, meaning our team has the expertise needed to integrate these systems and onboard them with your team. We also provide complimentary access to our eLearning Library, which has over 3,000 Microsoft 365 and security training videos.

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Our Kyle, Texas, IT Services Process

Step One: Consultation

Reach out to Terminal B to speak with an IT expert about your infrastructure needs. We can put together a plan based on your budget and provide an accurate quote for budgeting. We can also conduct an audit of your current IT system to pinpoint any areas of concern.

Step Two: Onboarding and Training

Once we outline the services you require, our team gets to work rolling out your new systems. We’ll help with training your employees to familiarize themselves with the new technologies and provide support through each step of the implementation process.

Step Three: Enjoy Optimal Efficiency

It won’t take much time to see the ROI of modern IT solutions and how their scalability and flexibility help your business function at its best for your customers and employees.

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