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Increase Your Productivity With Our IT Services in Round Rock.

Personalized IT Solutions From Industry Leading Professionals

Your business’s IT infrastructure is complicated. It’s difficult for most businesses to try and internally handle their IT needs. Hiring a full-time IT team can be expensive and cumbersome.

Partnering with an experienced IT services agency can save your company time and money. Receive tailored support and solutions from people who know the industry from the inside out. Terminal B provides our clients with thorough support and guidance in regard to their IT needs.

Reach out to our office to book a consultation and request a quote from our office for Round Rock IT services.

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Explore Our Selection of IT Services

Many small businesses believe that they don’t need IT support due to their size. That’s not the case. Companies of any size need to make sure their IT needs are being met.

Monitoring Services

Our monitoring services are designed to keep an eye on every aspect of your IT network. This can include some of the following:

  • Security
  • Communication
  • Traffic
  • Servers
  • Connectivity

This can include automatically updating your anti-virus software on your behalf or looking for breaches in your network. Our specialists will continually monitor your IT infrastructure to ensure you experience little to no downtime.


Your IT network might’ve been set up when your business was just starting, but can no longer support your requirements. Our staff will evaluate your current setup and let you know areas where it can be improved. We’ll make recommendations to streamline your productivity and give you room to grow.

Terminal B can provide consultation services surrounding changes you want to make in your organization. You might want to adopt a cloud-based program that makes communication easier. Whatever you need, our team is here to assist.

Remote Access

Many businesses provide fully remote or hybrid working models. It can be difficult to fully support your employees with their virtual requirements.

Our team can train and implement Azure Virtual Desktop for your remote employees. Your workers can access their full desktop, including workflows, data, and apps. Your workforce can stay collaborative and productive no matter where they’re located.


Data hackers target small to mid-sized businesses due to their lack of IT cybersecurity measures protecting them. A data breach can cripple your company, costing you customers and money.

Our IT cybersecurity solutions keep you protected against cybercrime. We’ll also make sure your organization stays in compliance, especially if you work in the legal or healthcare fields. A few of the things we tackle in our cybersecurity efforts include:

  • System and network encryption
  • Audits
  • Firewall configuration
  • Anti-virus and malware protection
  • Disaster and backup recovery

While you don’t want to prepare for disaster situations, it’s important to have a plan in place.

Software Implementation

Microsoft 365 can provide your business with comprehensive and affordable solutions. Their suite of programs includes familiar names, such as:

  • Outlook
  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Publisher

Our team can deploy and configure these programs, training your employees along the way. We’ll stay on top of your licensing fees, so you don’t have to worry about them expiring or paying for licenses you don’t need.

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What Are the Benefits of Working With Terminal B?

There are countless advantages you can experience when you outsource your IT services. Let’s talk about some of the ways your company can benefit from working with us.

Prevent Unnecessary Spending

Keeping a full-time IT employee or an entire team on staff is very costly. You’ll invest a lot of money in the following areas:

  • Office upkeep
  • Salary
  • Benefits
  • Insurance

It also takes a considerable amount of time and training to onboard a new employee. Reduce the amount of budget you invest in your IT needs by outsourcing your services.

Hiring an IT support company will reduce the amount you spend on your IT requirements. Save money on:

  • Training
  • Licensing
  • Consulting
  • Emergency repairs

Quick Response to Emergencies and Problems

Your business can’t afford to get slowed down due to an IT problem. Having your website go down during a busy sale or losing connection to your network could dramatically affect your bottom line.

Keep your business running smoothly at all hours with an IT support agency. Our 24/7/365 support ensures that your customers and employees get what they need from your organization.

Tailored Experience and Expertise

A managed IT company comes with highly-trained and knowledgeable professionals who are well-versed in every aspect of the industry. They already possess the certifications, training, and expertise needed to excel as your IT team.

Your business will have access to the latest IT information and hardware. Stop spending money on software and equipment that’s outdated. Work with an experienced agency that can tailor their solutions to fit your needs.

How Our Process Works

Step One: Get in Touch

You can reach out to our Round Rock office by calling us at 512-381-4800 or by filling out our online form.

Step Two: Receive a Quote

We’ll provide you with a detailed quote for our IT services in Round Rock once we evaluate the needs and goals of your business.

Step Three: Feel Confident

Don’t worry about an IT issue derailing your business. Move forward with confidence once you partner with Terminal B.

Hear What Our Happy Clients Have to Say

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How Much Does Round Rock IT Services Cost?

A few things can determine how much your business pays for managed IT services in Round Rock. These might include:

  • Difficulty of project
  • Number of services required
  • Software and licensing costs
  • Organization size
  • Service support

Our staff will provide you with an estimate that outlines the types of services you’re paying for. We strive to keep our costs low for our clients.

Request a Consultation to Discuss Managed IT Services in Round Rock

If you’ve been searching for “IT services near me,” look no further than Terminal B. Our comprehensive Round Rock IT services will ensure your business’s IT needs are covered. Contact our office to speak with one of our IT specialists.

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