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Professional Managed IT Solutions in Pflugerville, Texas

Whether your company operates in healthcare, technology, construction, or pharmaceuticals, Terminal B provides managed IT solutions ideally suited to your industry’s needs.

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Managed IT Support Across Sectors

As a respected IT services provider in Pflugerville, TX, we support businesses and organizations across many sectors. Our all-inclusive, monthly flat-fee managed IT services cover everything from cybersecurity to data backups.

  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • Construction
  • Pharmaceuticals


Healthcare organizations rely on complex IT infrastructures for patient safety, to protect sensitive data, and to comply with stringent regulations. We work closely with healthcare providers to implement secure systems optimized for clinical workflows and electronic health records.

Our 24/7 monitoring and incident response help hospitals and clinics deliver uninterrupted care. We’re a virtual IT department giving medical staff the technology they need to treat patients.


In high-growth technology industries, IT systems have to accommodate frequent changes and the constant connectivity required by remote and mobile teams. At Terminal B, we tailor dynamic solutions customized for agile work environments.

Using industry-leading tools like Microsoft Azure, our technology sector clients benefit from seamless integrations, automatic updates, and smoother collaboration. Our on-demand capacity and support also allow tech companies to focus on innovation instead of worrying about infrastructure challenges.


Construction firms operate in demanding conditions that require reliable, robust technology. Our expert team devises IT solutions designed to withstand rugged job sites, networking gear, and mobile connectivity. On-call experts are standing by to assist with any IT issues that may arise in remote locations with unpredictable schedules.

Our commitment to responsive service means construction managers can keep projects on time and within budget – with minimal IT disruptions.


Pharmaceutical and life sciences companies depend on integrated technology systems to streamline R&D, clinical trials, manufacturing, and distribution in highly regulated environments. Our professionals deliver HIPAA, FDA, and GxP-compliant infrastructure tailored for each stage of the drug development pipeline.

Tight security and compliance reporting give biotech and pharma companies peace of mind that their sensitive intellectual property and confidential patient information are protected.

Managed IT Services Provider

Our managed IT services team in Pflugerville, TX, will take care of all your IT systems. That means you can relax – you’ll never have to worry about maintenance, support, or strategy issues again.

  • Microsoft 365
  • IT support
  • Cybersecurity solutions
  • IT consulting
  • IT co-managed services
  • Azure Cloud
  • Azure Virtual Desktop

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is the foundation of productivity for many organizations, and we want our customers to enjoy the full benefits of the platform. Our experts will implement customized Microsoft solutions tailored to your preferred work style and industry.

Our ongoing maintenance and optimization services will keep everything running seamlessly as your needs evolve or grow. Detailed usage reports and change management provide complete visibility. MS Teams allows for intuitive collaboration no matter where your employees are.

24/7 Monitoring and Assistance

Our comprehensive IT support includes 24/7 proactive monitoring and preventative maintenance. Terminal B’s highly skilled engineers use advanced artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to identify and resolve issues before they can cause disruptions.

Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybersecurity is among the top concerns of today’s businesses, and Terminal B offers advanced, multi-layered protection. Continuous vulnerability assessments and employee training strengthen defenses against bad actors and evolving threats. Our team closely monitors any suspicious activity and will swiftly contain incidents.

Our compliance expertise safeguards sensitive data according to current industry regulations.

IT Consulting

Expert strategic planning is a core aspect of our IT consulting services. In-depth assessments and road mapping provide a blueprint for short and long-term technology goals that align with your business objectives.

An experienced Terminal B IT consultant in Pflugerville will ensure that your IT solutions meet your needs. Regular reviews allow for flexibility and optimization.

Co-Managed IT and Tailored Support

For some organizations, the ideal solution lies in co-managed IT, where Terminal B supports your existing in-house teams. We can fill any expertise gaps and share responsibilities for enhanced performance.

Partnering with Terminal B lets you benefit from a robust virtual IT department while retaining your existing resources and relationships.

Azure Cloud and Virtual Desktop

Azure Cloud platforms deliver the scalability, mobility, and cost savings many businesses require. Our experts will put in place and administer highly adapted Azure environments to meet your needs. Optimization within the framework enhances efficiency and ROI.

Azure Virtual Desktop streamlines remote work with applications and data access from almost any location.

Complete IT Support for Businesses

Our comprehensive managed IT services in Pflugerville, TX, are designed to provide tailored support that addresses your business’s specific and varied needs.

We understand that every company is different and we are dedicated to creating solutions that match each client’s requirements. With our team on hand 24/7, you can relax knowing that you can access tech help whenever you need it.

IT Assessment and Optimization

We begin by assessing your existing IT systems and resources. This lets our strategists create a plan to suit your workforce, workflows, and industry.

Integration With Existing Platforms and Apps

Our IT experts will oversee a seamless transition and integration with any existing apps or platforms. We understand that businesses need to continue operations so we’re careful not to cause disruptions.

Enhanced ROI

With our managed IT services, you can expect improved ROI due to increased productivity and greater efficiency. Our cost-effective packages will keep your organization current with the latest technology.

Enjoy Peace of Mind With Managed IT Services

Partnering with Terminal B is an easy way to enjoy stress-free IT performance across your business. We can put in place the IT systems and technology needed to help your business grow.

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Book a managed IT solutions strategy session with a member of our team. During the session, we’ll learn about your organization, you’ll learn about our approach, and we can talk about what your IT could look like with Terminal B.

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