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Terminal B was founded by Greg Bibeau and partner Alex Vidal in 2004.

Greg began his career in the very early days of technology. His first roles in management of the concert and theater industries during the tech boom of the 90’s gave him front row seats to the challenges businesses faced when integrating technology.

“Back then technology did not play nice together. Many things were not interoperable and required a lot more work and troubleshooting. We take for granted how today a lot of things simply work.”

Having direct experience with the intricacies of tech integration, Greg saw a great need across multiple markets for expert IT assistance. After working as a consultant for a year, Greg started Terminal B with Alex Vidal – who he had met in a previous role – to empower companies to adopt technology, improve their productivity, and get the most out of their tech investments.

By 2010 Terminal B had created a thriving hosted exchange business offering up mailboxes and storage spaces. Soon after, Terminal B would be faced with a pivotal decision that would prove transformative.

Microsoft debuted their BPOS platform offering more storage and mailboxes for less. In the face of competition from a tech juggernaut and guided by their core value: Do the Needful, Terminal B put their clients’ needs first. They embraced this new CSP program and offered support to their clients, solidifying themselves as one of the first adopters of what has become the essential foundation of business collaboration and communication- Microsoft 365.

In 2014 Terminal B did it again, becoming one of the first firms to support hosted desktop technology paving the way for direct partnership with Microsoft Azure upon its release. Today Terminal B is one of fewer than 200 Microsoft Direct CSP Partners in the United States and one of the largest Microsoft 365 Partners in the State of Texas.

From $1B banks to 800 user healthcare providers, Terminal B is trusted by clients to apply best practices from across many demanding industries including healthcare, law, high-tech, financial, construction, life sciences, and venture capital.

Greg believes Terminal B’s success is a direct result of adherence to its core values and focus of always doing what is necessary for their clients’ success and making IT solutions as simple as possible.

“I have the highest standards and expectations of myself and my staff. We work hard to make it look easy.”

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