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Easy Azure Virtual Desktop Implementation

Virtual desktop infrastructure or VDI, is a desktop virtualization technology that allows businesses to run and utilize their computer desktops from a centralized cloud environment. Hosted desktops allow you to access your applications and data from any device, at any time, from anywhere without the need for costly hardware.

The necessity for VDI and hosted desktop technology has exploded with the increasing demands for remote work infrastructure. Virtual desktops are the right technology to ensure seamless transitions from on-premise to work-from-home scenarios and to safeguard against future disruptions- all while boosting productivity.

Azure Virtual Desktop runs on Microsoft’s reliable Azure cloud computing platform and will provide your business with the flexibility to access your data whenever you need it. VDI services cover automated upgrades and maintenance, saving you money, time, and effort while safe-guarding data with high-end security tailored to your specific industry.

Terminal B has offered hosted desktop services since the technology first emerged. Now partnered with Microsoft Azure’s Direct CSP program, Terminal B’s team of experts are ready to help you strategize and implement your virtual desktop needs.

Put our Azure Virtual Desktop Solution to Work for Your Business

    • Access your desktop applications any time from anywhere
    • Azure backup recovery services provide regular maintenance
    • Automatic centralized updates
    • High-end security for your specific industry
    • Cost-saving and scalable solutions as your business grows
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