Managed Cybersecurity

Protection against malware, IP theft, and regulatory violations

Companies operating in high-liability sectors like construction, healthcare, or law are under constant pressure to achieve regulatory compliance and defend against cybercrime. These efforts are a drain on efficiency and productivity, but failing to make them can result in financial or reputational damage. Adding to the problem is the cloud, where the ability to work on any internet-connected device creates huge amounts of unstructured data in the field – a tempting target for cybercriminals. 

At Terminal B, cybersecurity best practices are at the foundation of every service we deliver. We have over 15 years’ expertise facilitating compliance with HIPAA, NIST, and other demanding standards. And we ensure all of our clients are protected by the latest firewalls and anti-malware solutions and their staff trained in cybersecurity best practices. Let us create a state of fully managed cybersecurity for your operation, so you can stay fully focused on serving your clients.

Terminal B enables you to:

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