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Cutting-Edge Managed Cybersecurity in San Antonio, Texas

Terminal B offers a range of managed professional IT solutions for cybersecurity in San Antonio, TX.

Protect Your Business From Threats

For San Antonio businesses, digital connectivity is indispensable. However, greater reliance on networked systems also creates opportunities for cybercriminals looking to infiltrate and profit. A breach could mean stolen data, halted operations, legal liabilities, and lasting reputational damage. That’s why partnering with a managed security provider like Terminal B is crucial.

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Managed Cybersecurity Services

With our professional cybersecurity services, you can outsource some or all of your security operations. Rather than handling tasks like threat monitoring, access controls, and incident response internally, you leverage our specialists’ technology, skills, and experience.

Our managed San Antonio cybersecurity package includes the following:

  • Comprehensive security assessments and audits
  • 24/7 monitoring of networks, endpoints, data, and cloud apps
  • Installation of firewalls and intrusion prevention systems
  • Anti-malware and anti-virus software deployment and management
  • Regular vulnerability scanning, patching, and system hardening
  • Access control through multi-factor authentication
  • Database and file encryption for data at rest
  • Secure backup and disaster recovery provisions
  • Security awareness education and training for staff
  • Regular compliance reviews and reporting

Partnering with a provider like Terminal B gives you access to enterprise-level cybersecurity at an affordable cost.

Our Cybersecurity Solutions

At Terminal B, we provide expert cybersecurity and managed IT for San Antonio organizations.

Comprehensive Security Reviews

We thoroughly evaluate your existing systems, policies, controls, and practices to pinpoint vulnerabilities. This allows us to understand your unique risk profile and address gaps.

Ongoing Staff Training

Through engaging training, we teach employees secure practices to help prevent breaches, including how to spot phishing attempts. Refreshers keep their skills sharp.

24/7 Threat Monitoring

Our local security operations center continuously monitors networks, endpoints, servers, data, and cloud apps. Abnormal activity triggers alerts for rapid response.

Anti-Malware and Anti-Virus Protection

Sophisticated anti-malware detects and blocks infected files, malicious scripts, and suspicious executables. Anti-virus software examines downloads and attachments for threats. Signatures are always kept current.

Vulnerability Scanning and Patching

We regularly scan for software flaws and misconfigurations, then deploy patches, updates, and system hardening to maintain a resilient security posture across your digital environment.

Multi-Factor Authentication

MFA requires employees to provide an additional credential when logging into networks and critical systems, preventing unauthorized access even if credentials are compromised.

Network and Email Security

Tools like firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, and email content and attachment scanning create layered network perimeters to filter cyber threats before they reach endpoints.

Encryption and Access Controls

We apply military-grade encryption to data at rest and in motion and implement least-privilege access controls and segmentation to protect proprietary data and customer information.

Forensics and Incident Response

In the event of an intrusion, our team uses network logs, endpoints, and other data to determine root causes, investigate impacted assets, and prevent recurrence.

Business Continuity

We ensure your operations can continue through disruptions or outages using secure backups, resilient cloud infrastructure, continuity planning, and regular recovery testing.

Compliance Reporting

We help you prepare for audits and provide ongoing reporting to demonstrate compliance with regulations based on your business needs.

Advantages of Managed Cybersecurity in San Antonio

Our managed cybersecurity service in San Antonio protects every aspect of your business from attack and provides key advantages like:

Security Expertise

Our certified cybersecurity specialists stay current on threats, vulnerabilities, and solutions to implement layered defenses.

24/7 Monitoring and Visibility

We provide constant threat monitoring and detailed reporting for complete visibility into your environment.

Risk Reduction

By proactively identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities, we prevent incidents and reduce business disruption.


As your organization grows and changes, we seamlessly scale security capabilities to match your needs.


Our outsourced security solutions deliver advanced protection at predictable monthly costs that optimize your IT spending.

How It Works

One: Contact Us

When you contact us, our friendly team will discuss your business and cybersecurity needs.

Two: Cybersecurity Review

Once we understand your IT infrastructure, we’ll look at your current cybersecurity needs, how they might change in the future, and your budget.

Three: Custom Cybersecurity Solution

Next, we tailor a solution to safeguard your data, systems, and network.

Four: Your Organization Is Now Protected

With your cybersecurity solution now in place and everything protected, our team is there to handle all your cybersecurity needs 24/7.

Here’s What Our San Antonio Customers Say

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Cost of Managed Cybersecurity Solutions

For an affordable monthly fee, we will create a managed, custom strategy to protect your organization against cybercrime.

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Ensure your San Antonio company has a robust digital defense with Terminal B’s managed cybersecurity in San Antonio, TX.

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