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How To Change Password In Remote Desktop

How to Change Password in Remote Desktop

A survey showed that 63% of people have an issue with forgetting their online passwords. Another poll also showed that 65% of people found memorizing passwords difficult.

Are you wondering how to change password in remote desktop? This is a common question that people have if they have misplaced or forgotten their online password.

The average person will have multiple passwords that they need for their online tasks. It can become difficult to remember them all, resulting in you needing to change certain passwords.

Keep reading to find out how to change password in remote desktop.

Use a Shortcut

One of the best ways to change a remote desktop password is with a shortcut. Keep in mind that different types of desktops may require different shortcuts.

One common option that many find useful is ctrl-alt-delete. You will need to press these buttons at the same time to use the shortcut successfully.

If you need to change password in RDP, This short cat should still work.

Active Directory Users and Computers Console

Another option you have is the active directories users and computer console. You will need to press the windows and the R button at the same time.

This will open the Run console, and you will need to type dsa.msc and press enter to open the console. Choose the users tab and go to the username where you want to change the password.

You should be able to right-click that account and choose the option to reset the password. You will need to add the new password and confirm it before clicking OK.

This is another simple solution if you need to know how to change remote desktop password.

On-Screen Keyboard

Some windows servers support on-screen keyboard options. This is a virtual keyboard that pops up on your screen when you click the on-screen keyboard key.

All you need to do is type OSK and press enter. Then press the windows and the IR buttons to access the Run Command window.

On the physical keyboard, hold down the CTRL and the ALT keys at the same time. As you are doing this, press the DEL key that is on the virtual keyboard on your computer screen.

This should allow you to change your password without having to enter the old one.

Net User

If you need to change a local user password, this is quite simple. You will need to click start, then click the Run option that comes up.

That or you could press WIN and R at the same time for the same result. Type in net user with your username and password.

This allows you to change these two details without having to enter your old password. This is perfect if you have forgotten it and need to access that account still.


If you want a quick way to change your password, you can hit the ALTGR key. You will need to press this key with the End key to get this option.

This is something that you can also do to emulate the CTRL-ALT-DELETE shortcut. Keep in mind that not every keyboard is going to have this key available.

Sign In Options

If you know your old password but you want to change it, this is very simple. If you are using windows, open the sign-in options tab and select the password button.

You will have the option to change this password, which you will need to click on. Then you can follow the on-screen instructions that help you to create a new password.

This is a process that usually requires you to add your old password to save this option. This is perfect if you want to change your password to something easier to remember.

Reset Computer

If you have run out of options, you can always reset your computer. Keep in mind that this will remove a lot of information and should only be done if completely necessary.

You’ll need to go to the sign-in screen and hold down the shift key while clicking the power icon. Select the restart button while you continue to press the shift key until a new screen pops up.

Click the troubleshooting button and choose the option to reset your PC. From there, you will need to choose the option to remove everything and have a local reinstall.

The last thing you need to do is choose to remove your files and reset everything.

Get IT Support

If you need to know how to change password and remote desktop, there’s an easy option. You can get a tech service to help you with this.

Companies like Terminal B offer a wide variety of IT and tech-related services. One of these services includes IT support for all of their customers.

If your technology is not performing the way you need it to, this can be a solution. Different technology requires different methods to change a password on a remote desktop.

Because of this, you may be struggling to find a solution for your desktop. If you can’t find the answer, your IT support can help you with its dedicated support team.

This is also a good solution for a variety of other tech-related issues that you may be having. Its 24/7 support packages are perfect for providing any tech support that you need.

Tips on How to Change Password on Remote Desktop

Are you wondering how to change password in remote desktop? There are several ways that you can go about doing this, depending on the desktop you are using.

Do you want to hire IT services to help you with your technology? Contact us today at Terminal B to get 24/7 support packages.

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