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How Does Desktop As A Service Work — And Is It Right For You?

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) rose to prominence during the pandemic which afflicted the entire globe, and is even today still making its presence felt. During this time, remote teams proved they could still be productive and successful, regardless of where they were working and how spread out they were from the central company. In the aftermath of all that, companies are having to scramble in order to facilitate the technological needs of both remote workers and hybrid workers.

Desktop-as-a-service can fill in the gaps nicely here and provide the needed services for workers. At its heart, DaaS is a secure, high-performance, efficient method of desktop virtualization. It frees businesses from having their computer operating systems tied to physical hardware, and instead allows businesses to use DaaS as a means of accessing virtual desktops on the Internet by using a cloud provider. Cloud providers who offer this type of service can manage virtual desktops directly from their own centralized data centers.

Benefits provided by DaaS

Here are some of the most notable and beneficial advantages of implementing a DaaS service, such as Azure Virtual Desktop for your company:

Lowers IT costs – DaaS solutions can save your company a great deal of money by shifting the cost of on-premises hardware and software to a cloud-based environment where desktops can be purchased as needed.

Increased security – There are fewer security risks posed by DaaS, because the data will all reside directly at the cloud providers’ datacenter, as opposed to being stored on tablets, desktops, or phones used by employees.

Facilitates remote work – With the steadily rising popularity of remote work, a different approach is necessary to access data and applications. Using a DaaS like Azure Virtual Desktop, IT teams can easily move between platforms, and access needed data from multiple machines, regardless of their physical location.

Extend shelf-life of legacy machines – Companies which can’t afford to upgrade all their outdated machines will have the option instead to use DaaS to install a brand-new operating system on all machines. Serving this new operating system from the cloud is far more affordable than replacing all your on-premises equipment simultaneously.

Supports bring-your-own-device (BYOD) – Using DaaS, a bring-your-own-device policy can be supported, so employees are not obliged to only use company-issued devices or to use the same device at all times. This means employees can use their own laptops, tablets, and phones to accomplish work projects and tasks.

Simplifies desktop management – The administrative load can be significantly reduced by outsourcing the deployment, configuration, and management of any company’s virtual desktops. It’s also much easier to scale up or down using DaaS, so it won’t be necessary to manage that in-house.

Is DaaS right for you?

If your company is one that has a significant number of employees working remotely, you should consider DaaS as one possible solution. It can make your life much easier, while also providing the services needed by your employees, in order to remain productive and successful on the job. Keep in mind that you should also be able to enjoy all the benefits described above, and these are some significant reasons for you to avail yourself of DaaS services.

Contact us today if you’re interested in finding out more about how your company can benefit by using the DaaS Azure Virtual Desktop on the cloud. We can help get you setup very quickly, so your employees can start making immediate use of remote desktop services at whatever location they happen to be at.

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