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Managed IT Services For Macs

Most managed service providers boast expert knowledge when it comes to the average Microsoft network. But as Macs and other Apple products continue to be pariahs in the business world, it is challenging to find trustworthy, knowledgeable managed IT services for Macs.

With Microsoft Windows dominating the PC market for over 20 years, many MSPs will either avoid Apple altogether or provide subpar service while insisting they have the resources to help you. 

If your company uses Mac desktop stations and other Apple gear, you’ll want specific help with Apple managed IT services. Yes, Apple is the gold standard, the “expensive stuff,” but that doesn’t mean you should skimp on IT support to protect and optimize your network. 

It can be hard to come by, but with expert Apple managed IT services, you can not only safeguard your investment in Apple computers and devices but maximize productivity. We’ll go over why it’s hard to find expert help and what to look for in Mac-specific managed IT services. 

Business Myths: Can Macs Be Hacked?

The idea that Macs cannot be hacked has become a prevalent misconception that tricks users into a false sense of security. Of course, cybercriminals can hack Macs. While many experts consider Apple workstations less vulnerable than PCs, they’re still not fully secure. Apple workstation computers can still experience:

  • Viruses
  • Trojans
  • Ransomware
  • DDoS attacks

Nearly any type of attack directed at a PC network can be directed at a Mac network or mixed network. That’s something to keep in mind when setting up and maintaining business systems!

Hard to Find Good Help

When companies need managed IT services for Apple products, they may find it hard to reach a company with the necessary expertise. Some companies will say flat out that they don’t deal with Apple products because they don’t have the right experience or resources. Those are the honest ones. 

On the other hand, some will swear they’re specialists, jump right in, and then provide poor service. It may become evident that they are in over their heads, as you see emerging problems with your Mac systems. If you have an Apple system or hybrid network, Terminal B has years of Apple managed IT services experience. 

Terminal B: Managed IT Services for Macs

Here are some of the major types of managed IT services that are useful in supporting companies using Macs:

User Services 

Terminal B helps with each individual workstation in a business. They provide IT support that streamlines and ensures quality employee operations. Managed IT help for Mac users can include:

  • Reliable use of job-related features
  • Cloud services 
  • Effective runtime and computer operation
  • Collaboration across Apple and Microsoft networks


Managed IT services for Macs should cover cybersecurity practices for this type of network. That may include:

  • Penetration testing
  • Firewall
  • Cybersecurity beyond the perimeter
  • Network monitoring 

Terminal B is also well-versed in standards like HIPAA and NIST’s cybersecurity framework. Whether you’re a government-contracted business with regulatory standards or a private sector business with an interest in compliance, Terminal B can make sure your Apple systems are compliant and safe, guarding your data and your reputation.  

Mobile Device Management 

Mobile device management is more critical than ever with a shift to hybrid work environments or full-time remote working. What about your Apple tablets and smartphones out there in the field? Top-notch managed IT services for Apple should include mobile device management to ensure functionality and cybersecurity.

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