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What You Should Expect From An IT Helpdesk in Austin

Some companies have their own internal help desk staffed by their own employees, while other organizations find it financially advantageous to outsource that function to a managed service provider. Either way, an IT Helpdesk in Austin should be ready and able to support the user community to resolve any questions or issues as quickly as possible. Whether this is handled by a ticketing procedure, phone calls, or emails, an IT support team should be prepared to do anything necessary to provide the kind of support needed. Here are some of the qualities and services you should expect from a professional and competent IT Helpdesk.

Unlimited support

It’s reasonable to expect unlimited support from your Helpdesk during normal business hours. If the problem can’t be resolved remotely, it will be necessary to send an engineer on site to address the problem further. Support will run more smoothly if you have some kind of streamlined ticketing service or portal for requesting changes and problem resolution.

Flexible hours

Anytime your employees are at work doing business, it’s reasonable to expect your IT Helpdesk to also be on hand, even if that’s in a remote capacity. When an issue occurs after hours, there just has to be someone at the IT Helpdesk who’s capable of providing support for an issue or a problem. In fact, if your business is working 24/7, your IT Helpdesk should also be working those same hours, to provide round-the-clock support.

Team-based approach

The best approach for an Austin IT Helpdesk is to have it organized into teams. Each team should have a set number of qualified engineers who are assigned to specific accounts. This helps the team become better acquainted with individual clients and their typical needs. It also establishes trust between the IT Helpdesk team and those individuals in the user community who need that support.

Solution for talent retention

If you’ve decided to outsource your IT Helpdesk and avail yourself of professional services, it can be a real bonus in terms of not having to recruit and retain talent for your company. It’s well-known that IT professionals are in high demand, and are constantly getting recruitment contacts and emails from other companies. Any company making a better offer to your staff members then you can manage is likely to be able to whisk away your most talented personnel. Then you’re left with the problem of replacing highly-skilled talent, and having to go through the whole recruitment and acquisition process, which can be fairly time-consuming. You won’t have to worry about any of this, if you outsource to a Managed IT service provider.

Experienced support team

It’s reasonable to expect that each of the individual engineers comprising your IT Helpdesk has certain skillsets and a level of experience that will contribute toward swift problem resolution. In business, time is money, and if you have a problem that is keeping your business offline, you can be losing thousands of dollars in a matter of minutes. It’s not necessary for individuals on your IT Helpdesk team to have expertise across the board, because they really only need to be good at one or two areas in order to provide real value as a support person. Altogether, an IT Helpdesk team should have all the skills necessary to resolve daily business issues, and to overcome any kind of problem facing your employees in their daily tasks.

Getting started with outsourcing your IT Helpdesk in Austin is as simple as a call to Terminal B at 512-381-4800.

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