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Getting Remote Setups Right: Leveraging IT Support for Employee Retention

Business owners and executives have so much on their plates it can be hard to capitalize on a secret weapon to employee retention: onboarding. Believe it or not, effective and thorough onboarding has the potential to save your company thousands of dollars and create a strong workforce. 

With the drastic shift to remote work, onboarding is uncharted territory for most companies. This means revisiting your onboarding process and tailoring it for your remote employees is essential for personnel endurance. 

Statistics show that 60% of employees get frustrated with new software. Right from the onset, over half of your new employees are overwhelmed with the new systems they have to join and learn. As IT support professionals, we’ll walk you through getting remote setups right so your employees have a positive onboarding experience, impacting their overall satisfaction. 

What Statistics Show About Onboarding 

If you’re wondering what onboarding could possibly have to do with long-term retention, take a look at what the experts are saying:

  • 69% of employees stay with a company for more than 3 years if they receive exceptional onboarding 
  • 9% of employees leave due to an unsavory onboarding experience
  • 87% of employees are more likely to stay if they feel engaged at the company 
  • Replacing a salaried employee costs a business 6-9 months of the salary

Don’t Confuse Orientation with Onboarding 

While orientation and onboarding are both beginning steps to fully incorporating new employees, don’t mistake orientation for onboarding. 

Orientation is just that–orienting a new employee with the overall setup and their team. It is short and sweet. 

Onboarding can sometimes take up to a year and is an extensive process that includes thorough training, introduction to the company culture, defining expectations, involving the new hire with the team, and transitioning into a fully participating employee. 

Make the Most of Pre-Onboarding

We already know employees need a great onboarding experience and that learning new technology will be a frustrating aspect starting with a new company. 

It’s best to get ahead of the game and make the most of the pre-onboarding stage. This starts the minute your new hire accepts the position. If you’re providing new hires with a computer or other technical equipment, send it right away so they can start on the first day with everything at their disposal. 

Make sure to prep the team to be welcoming and attentive to their needs. Assigning a coworker who can be a compatible mentor with the new team member can significantly improve the experience. Ask IT support to reach out and set up expectations for the first day of onboarding.

Partner with Onboarding IT Support Professionals

Technology is the backbone of the onboarding process and experience. While integrating a new employee into the organization, relying on IT support professionals with exceptional communication skills and abilities to set up remote environments is crucial. 

Terminal B recognizes the importance of onboarding and has expertly crafted a process that bolsters the overall experience, strengthening employee retention and satisfaction. Terminal B’s IT support collaborates with companies to establish employee profiles and create customized solutions with both automated and manual support to consistently provide thorough, accurate, and timely setups for new users anywhere in the world.  

Finding the right IT partner can make or break your onboarding process. It’s imperative to join forces with an expert IT provider with a polished, successful onboarding system. 

Strategize & Offer Continued Support 

More than 4.5 million Americans quit their jobs in November 2021, yet another massive indication that we’ve shifted to a job seekers market. As businesses reevaluate strategy, it’s crucial not to overlook the role that onboarding plays in a competitive market. 

With refocused efforts on your onboarding practices, reach out to an experienced IT professional today. You can attract new hires, retain your workforce, and offer continued support to your valued employees with Terminal B’s specialized IT support. 

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